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Bummis Pull-on Training Pant
Happy Heinys Pull-on Training Pant
Happy Heinys Side-Snap Pocket Training Pant
Potty Training
Many parents like to switch their children to covers or pants that pull-on like underwear once their children begin to potty train. Wee Bunz offers two types of training pants:

Training Pants have layers of absorbent cotton flannel built right in so that a child can feel wetness. These are build as an all-in-one, no need to wear anything else.

Pocket Trainers are great for children who are too old for diapers, yet need some protection during naptime or overnight. These trainers have a fleece lining that keeps the skin dry. They require something absorbent inside the pocket. We carry two options - Pull-on trainers with No Snaps for a big kid look, or Trainers with Snaps on one side to facilitate stuffing them or taking them off.

Each of the products we carry are made of high-quality materials in North America. These are nothing like the plastic-outer, polyester inner training pants that you will find at large chain retailers.
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